Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are You Living In The House Of Alcohol And Drugs?

If you live in the house of alcohol where you are abusing a substance you are trying - and the emphasis of on the word trying - to sail through life on the "buzz" of substances. Most emotions and most problems are experienced or kept at bay in the haze of addiction.
You're not flexing your emotional muscles and helping them to grow. So is this really
working for you?

If you are honest, you are just treading water and trying to keep people from knowing
the extent to which you are addicted. How was this recent holiday season for you? Wasn't it a lot of work? Did you have to hide extra liquor? Were you angry because you had to share your liquor at home parties? Did you drink more and more to force away the truth?

That abusing a substance may offer an initial biochemical euphoria but it always offers a
large kick in the teeth after it. I'm referring to consequences. To many this is maddening
to hear.

Why can't a person drink in safety? Why can some only drink a few while others thirsts
can't be quenched? If you want the biochemical explanation it can be given and it is a reality about the heredity of this illness - but isn't proof of how successful alcohol/drug abuse by looking at some major areas of your life first?

Let's take your health. If you are feeling sluggish and its difficult to get up in the it is
because of alcohol poisoning. Other signs are lethargy, tiredness, difficulty getting going
in the morning and a just plain bad mood. You can also receive unhealthy news from your doctor as well. Elevated liver enzymes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes are indicators of alcohol abuse.

Let's look at your personal relationships. Has your significant other complained to you
about you changing? Do they say you are drinking too much and not emotionally available?
And are you tired of their complaining and lash back in anger?

How about work performance? You may realize you are not getting to work on tie and
your productivity level is lowered. Are you taking more time off that you should? Do
you not care about your performance? Emotions are now being affected as well. You are either in a fog and not allowing yourself to view your life realistically or you are a raging bull when you've beendrinking, bullying others and controlling those around you with anger. You believe
in perfectionism and demand it from those around you.

There are moments when you are pretty miserable inside. You apologize only to
blow up again - or get drunk again or to hear that you are in some way a disappointment.

I submit to you that if you are experiencing the above signs and symptoms of abuse
of a substance it is very important for you to have a conversation with someone who
can make you comfortable and be realistic with you to take a look at what is happening
in your life.

If you live in the house of alcohol [http://www.paulacharlesma.com/addictionsq.asp]
where you love someone who is abusing a substance life is hell. You've tried everything
and you feel neglected, perhaps you are being abused.

Are you wanting to continue being in this role? Are you tired of walking the floor,
pouring out bottles of liquor or watering it down? Do you dread the holidays because
it is an extra dose of the same madness? Have you perfected the technique of arguing?

You are absolutely right when you declare in no uncertain terms that you cannot control
someone's drinking. So where does that leave you? It leaves you talking to someone
who can show you how to reprogram your life and walk on a course where you have
choices about self respect, esteem and love.

Get off the enabling treadmill; it doesn't work and it takes too much of an emotional toll.
It is never too late to get off the sinking ship and rebuild your self esteem. It is a doable
task and a worthwhile one to look at the person in your mirror and love them more every
day. All this applies also if you are working with someone who has a drinking or drug issue!

When you are ok within yourself; when you build your strength from the inside out -
now you're talking! Now you've got your choices back. Now you get to say where
the bus is driven in your own life.

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