Monday, February 27, 2012

Coping With Teen Alcohol And Drug Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are complicated situations, especially when it involves your teenager. Teen drug and alcohol abuse are especially difficult for families to cope with since they are watching a young person with many more years ahead of them, destroy their lives.

One of the key issues to recovery is recognizing the initial signs of alcohol or drug abuse. Early action can prevent many years, or even a lifetime of pain and suffering. Drug and alcohol rehab is a very important part of dissolution of the problems that can cause teens to self-medicate. Rehabilitation can be beneficial in both residential and outpatient environments.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers provide important tools to the addict so they can begin their healing. Benefits include group therapy where teens can feel comfortable expressing their concerns in a group of peers. They can relax somewhat when surrounded by similar situations and problems, and feel less alone, or less like an outsider.

Anger management is also offered as part of the counseling package that comes with rehab. These issues are complicated. Anger due to life circumstances may be the initial cause of abuse leading to addiction, or anger may also be a result of abuse or addiction. Changing the body chemistry by adding drugs or alcohol, also leads to a change in moods and personality. A teen who is introduced to drug or alcohol rehab can receive medical and mental health care, in a safe and supportive environment.

Particularly in the teen years, addicts can feel alone or detached from their loved ones, and society in general. Feeling awkward is normal during the teenage years, and the paranoia and additional anxiety caused by chemical abuse heightens the state. One of the key points to addiction resolution is to avoid denial at all cost. If you sense an issue, or even slightly suspect, you should immediately educate yourself and address the issue head on.

The problem will not resolve itself even on the lowest level. The expertise provided by experienced rehabilitation professionals is key to making the addict aware of their detrimental behavior. Counselors and medical professionals employed by rehab centers have already addressed many of the hidden issues that are common to drug and alcohol abuse, and issues that you have not yet encountered.

They understand how to handle the vulnerability and the volatility that are inherent to addiction. As a parent it is difficult to admit that your teen may have emotional, physical or mental issues. However, as a loving parent you have a responsibility to deter your desire to handle the situation by yourself and see to it that your teen gets the best counseling, and drug and alcohol rehab they are entitled to, so they can become healthy, functioning adults.

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