Monday, February 27, 2012

Coping With Drug Abuse and Saving on Individual Health Insurance

If you abuse drugs, it will affect the rates you pay for your individual health insurance. There are some very common drug seeking behaviors and tactics employed by drug abusers. Knowing these tactics will help you identify the danger moments and get professional help.

Drug seeking activities are very common with drug addicts and abusers. These tactics involves making emergency calls and visits to drug stores near office closing hours, complete refusal to undergo proper examination, referral and testing, constant loss of prescription, refusal to provide contact information, refusal to give previous medical test results to other treating physicians and adjusting prescription to suit self.

Also, Doctor-Shopping is a very common practice amongst abusers and people suffering from addiction; They do this to get additional prescription.

Here is a list of drugs that are abused most of the time:

Opioids: These are great drugs mostly prescribed for pain relief. They are easily seen everywhere, so they are easily abused.

Stimulants: These are prescribed for sleep disorders, obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

CNS Depressants: These are also called sedatives or tranquilizers; mostly prescribed for anxiety and sleeping problems.

Are you addicted to drugs or a particular type of drug? Do you have a record of prescription drug abuse? Do you have individual health insurance? If yes, how much are you paying for protection? You can reduce your health cover premium by administering prescribed drugs properly and discussing your drug addiction and/or abuse problems with a medical professional.

Get the best health insurance deal at the most affordable price and get connected to trusted professional that will help you solve your drug misuse problems. You can call it health insurance savings and living healthy. Start online now!

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