Monday, February 27, 2012

Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Domestic Violence

Alcohol and drug abuse can have serious tolls on the physiological and psychological health. Not only for the addict buy for family and friends as well. The situation becomes something beyond control, especially when things get abusive for everyone. The addict can't break free from the addiction for the obvious reasons.

When this happens you will need to get help, you probably can't do this on your own. Unless your Superman or Wonder Woman.

Drugs and alcohol are directly related to domestic violence. Addicts often find themselves without their drug. When this happens they can get very irritable, and many times abusive. They also become abusive when using their drug of choice. Most likely if you're reading this, someone you care about is addicted to something. Have you ever tried to come in between an addict and their drugs? Not a pretty sight. They will argue with you, tell you they hate you, and of course abuse is also a major factor.

Why do they need help?

These reasons alone are enough to get this person some help, and not to mention you. This will continue until someone takes initiative, and you know an addict won't do this. A lot of times it seems that this person does not care about you, and that they would choose their addiction over you. They will but that is just the drugs talking. You have to jump over or push through the obstacles to handle this situation, it will take some time but it is worth it. Don't you think?

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