Friday, January 27, 2012

The Facts About Alcohol and Drug Abuse

There are varying forms of alcohol and drug abuse and not all will result inevitably in an addiction although all do carry some risk of addiction as well as that of short-term harmful consequences. Binge drinking, for instance, has found its place in the youth culture of many countries although it is certainly not restricted to the young. The activity involves occasional bouts of drinking to excess but does not constitute alcoholism.

The use of drugs too can be restricted to the intermittent use of small amounts of various banned substances or even prescription drugs, for recreational purposes. Without any resulting addiction, neither of these activities can truly be considered as representative of what most would regard as alcohol and drug abuse yet both practices have the potential to become problematical.

Sniffing glue might seem like a relatively harmless pastime as might imbibing large quantities of cough mixture since neither involves the use of an illegal or restricted substance. Both, however, carry the risk of serious and permanent physical damage and addiction and must therefore be viewed as further examples of alcohol and drug abuse and as anything but harmless.

Some people are able to take a beer or two at a birthday celebration and not touch another drop till the office Christmas party, or to smoke an occasional pipe of weed and then forget about it for months. Others are, however, inherently less able to exercise control and mere experimentation could lead rapidly to full scale alcohol and drug abuse and long-term addiction.

Prescription drugs such as tranquilizers, laxatives and weight loss agents as well as various medicines that contain alcohol have all, at some time, led to alcohol and drug abuse, although why some should be more prone to addiction than others remains largely unexplained. One thing that does emerge, however, is that all people need, for their own health and safety, to regard themselves as being potentially susceptible.

There is nothing as detrimental as being addicted to drugs and or alcohol. It ends up destroying you and your loved ones around you. It is not easy to stop this addicted behaviour on your own and one needs the best help there is from other people that went through the same as you. This way you know the people that is helping you are experts themselves, because who better to help than some one that understands what you are going through.

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